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See the below frequently asked questions by customers. Before getting in touch with an enquiry you may well find the answer you are looking for right here. If there is something that you would like to ask that has not been answered here please contact us.

Yes, if your handset requires more than one component replacing you can receive a discount on the total repair cost as it may be the case that the second repair can be done easily whilst the device has bene dismantled for the first repair.
You are advised to backup your phone either to your computer or iCloud before dropping it off for repair. In the very unlikely event that the phone is damaged and data is lost during the repair it is the customers responsibility to make sure they have a backup of their data.
All you need to bring is your phone, the box or charger are not required.
Unfortunately there is currently not a waiting area available for customers, however if the repair is a short one for example a 10 minute battery repair you are more that welcome to wait outside in your car and the phone will be brought out to you once complete.
No, for standard repairs (Screen/Battery/Charging Port) we don't need this. If we are performing a reset of the phone at your request in that case we would require both the passcode and Apple ID details.
This is common and happens when the battery has been removed from the phone, if the time on the phone shows the correct time, simply turn aeroplane mode on and then off either from the settings menu or from control centre on the far left (Swipe Up - iOS 7 Onwards). If the time is not correct on the phone you must first rectify that. See below question "The time is incorrect after my repair".
This is common and happens when the battery has been removed from the phone, once you connect to a wifi network the time should set itself automatically. If this does not happen by itself you can go to Settings - General - Date & Time and then turn off and back on "Set Automatically"

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